Zwift Community Q&A: Winter Powell

Zwift Community Q&A: Winter Powell


Something that we will be doing on a regular basis is featuring those people who make Zwift racing and riding what it is today: Indoor Specialists.


Today we asked avid Zwift racer, Winter Powell, some questions so the community could get to know more about her.  Read up below!

Winter Powell

How did you get into Zwift?: I first found out about Zwift from my local bicycle shop, Atlanta Cycling Ansley. They have Zwift running frequently there.

How long have you been riding/racing bikes?: 2 years


What team on Zwift are you on?: Team Fearless


What trainer/power meter do you utilize?: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Smart Trainer


What kind of fan do you use for cooling?: Ceiling fan and a window A/C I have on the porch. Planning to get another one to blow directly on my face. Gets ridiculous hot on that porch in the summer months.


Are you a morning person or a night owl?: Definitely a morning person. After work it’s very hard to motivate myself to do anything but eat dinner and sleep.


What’s your pre-race ritual?: Ideally I get up an hour early get dressed and have a banana and peanut butter smoothie and some coffee. Then get at least 5-10 minutes of just warming up my legs. A lot of times….put on my shorts as fast as I can, take a shot of coffee, find my durn heart monitor, and start pedaling for dear life. Ha!!



What’s your favorite Zwift race?: Morning Grind Fondo


What’s your favorite Zwift group ride?: Seattle Baby Steps


What kind of fuel do you use to keep yourself going while riding?: I like granola bars, peanut butter, and trail mix.


If you could race anyone head to head on Zwift, who would you pick?: Leandro Messineo….just kidding. I would die racing him. It would be him zipping away in 2 seconds and me left in his dust. Seriously, my teammate, Stefanie Held. She doesn’t know this, but during the team challenges I’m always trying to beat her time. One day I shall be as fast as Stefanie…one day.


Do you ride/race outside in addition to Zwift? If so, what discipline(s)?: I do ride outside just for fun at the moment. I’m a road cyclist. I like nicely paved roads.  No cobbles or gravel.


What one tip would you give to Zwifters looking to improve their racing in-game?: Get in the pen as early as you can so at least you’ll start at the front of the group. Also warming up your legs makes the race more pleasant overall. The lead in is a lie…..everyone goes hard right out the gate.


Where do you see eSports for cycling going?: I think it will become more popular and gives people who normally don’t ride a chance to enjoy cycling too. I never knew I liked to race til I started racing on Zwift. I’m training this year so next year I’ll have the courage to race at least a short TT in real life. Never would have know this without Zwift racing.

 I see it as a positive thing for cycling, more people will get involved even if they don’t like riding outside or can’t. It’s both a game and good for your physical health too and don’t have to worry about cars or it being to late at night to ride. Plus you get to ride with people from around the world that you may have never meet in real life.

What’s your favorite Zwift memory?: When I got my morning grind T-shirt and bottle I was overly proud and excited to win something. I’m by no stretch of the imagination an athlete and it was cool to win something from doing something athletic.


Who’s your biggest fan?: That’s hard to say because I’ve come across so many people on Zwift and Strava who cheer me on constantly. Definitely my teammates from Team Fearless, Riekje van Schie, Greg Forrest, Morten Wernersen, Pete Donohue, and all the people I ride with on a weekly basis in the Seattle Baby Steps group ride, TeamZF, team DIRT and team Indoor Specialist. Also those who follow me on strava and Zwift I really appreciate it. You have no idea how a ride on can encourage me to keep pedaling when I’m feeling tired and defeated. This cycling community is what helped me last year too when my brother passed away. This community means the world to me and I thank you for all your support.

What’s your favorite post-race food?: Caramel glazed donut with bacon on top from Revolution Donuts in Decatur, GA USA. Actually all of their donuts are crazy good and made fresh daily.

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