Our extensive, free workout database is available over on ERG Database!  You can sort and filter all of our workouts by training zone and download the files directly! You can then upload the workouts to Zwift and other platforms!

Indoor Specialist Workout Library

To load the workout into Zwift:

  1. Download the .ZWO file from our library
  2. Open your computer's Downloads folder
  3. Move the downloaded .ZWO file into your Zwift Workout folder via the following file-path: Documents > Zwift > Workouts > [Your Zwift ID]
  4. Load up Zwift and get to work!

Featured Workout: Ultimate HIIT Session: 3 Rounds of 10x30/15s (120%)

This workout is designed to prepare you for the surges often required in Zwift racing.  Repeated attacks well above your FTP with short recoveries will make you a force to be reckoned with!  The target is 120%, but don't worry about that; focus on repeatable power, and whatever you do: DON'T QUIT!

Click the above image or follow this link: Ultimate HIIT Session

Follow our instructions above to get this workout into Zwift! Ride on!

For a bigger challenge, try our 13x30/15 workout!         

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