Welcome to IndoorSpecialist.com

Welcome to IndoorSpecialist.com


IndoorSpecialist.com is the new brainchild of IndoorSpecialist professional virtual cycling team and DIRT, Dads Inside Riding Trainers.


In late 2018, DIRT, Dads Inside Riding Trainers, was created to fulfill the needs of dads making time for cycling around our work and family priorities.  Since its inception, DIRT has become a unique community within the wider indoor cycling platform.  DIRT is a way for all dads to say we are in this together.  We may not be the best riders, but we are absolutely dedicated to cycling just as much as those professional riders.  DIRT has quickly become a unique band of brothers navigating our way between work and family for our own well-being.


Our vision with IndoorSpecialist.com is to create a centralized location for everyone to share information freely outside of any platform affiliation.  Since starting DIRT, there has been no clear, one-stop shop for all DIRT/Zwift knowledge and communication.  All of our members are spread so thin across Facebook, Strava, Discord, and even Zwift itself.  Whether you have social media or not, we are all DIRT, and we are all dads who need a resource to easily ask and search for advice, questions, etc.  Right now, there is no place to communicate to the whole community without fear of a Facebook post being lost or your voice not being heard.  I hope the ‘Forum’ feature fulfills most of this pipe dream.


We’d also like to announce a new feature of the Indoor Specialist team and that is our ‘professional’ side.  The pro Indoor Specialist team is an extension of our values – our positivity and encouragement for others.  These pro riders have the experience and Zwift knowledge to mentor and assist all of our DIRT members.  My hope is both the pro side and the DIRT side can work in tandem for us to become better riders and take both sides to the next level.  Whether that next level is real sponsorships, live team Zwift events, real-life meetups, or riding studios – I don’t know that yet.  I do know that both of us working in tandem can accomplish much more than DIRT alone.


The ultimate success will be dependent on us and how well we can share our riding love with others.  Welcome to Indoor Specialist.


  • Jason Stern 02-19-2019

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  1. Lars Husballe

    Good reading and I am a fan of the idea that you will work as a tandem👌💪

    Best of luck to you all and keep up the good work 🙂

    Best regards

    Lars Husballe


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