Tyler West

Rider Name: Tyler West

Weight/Height: 60.8kg /  175cm

Specialization: Longer Climbs, 5-20+ minute power. Negative Splits. Volume.

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Pasta, Ice Cream, Bananas, Snickers, Coffee, Sugar Cookie with frosting


Long Distance running from 2011-2014. Marathon PR 2:55:46 (with a negative split / Boston Marathon qualification). Experienced a stress fracture in my left arch shortly after Grandma's Marathon in 2013, which put an end in my plan to run Boston Marathon.Weight training and small amounts of running until I purchased my first road bike in August 2016. First year of riding was a lot of focus on just riding the bike, I tend to enjoy a lot of outdoor century rides during the summer. Started riding on zwift during the fall of 2016. Did not start racing on zwift until after riding all stages of the Tour de Zwift in Jan 2019.

Power Data 

3-31-2019- Kiss 100km Win Kickr 18 vs PowerTap P1


Dadurday 3-30-2019 Race


MGF 4-3-19


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