New Zwift Expansion – Watopia FLATS

New Zwift Flat Expansion

Thanks to the hardworking teams at Zwift Hype, ZwiftHacks and Zwift Insider we have just gotten our first look at the upcoming Watopia Flat expansion. While there is much still to be seen, here is what we know and what we may be able to look forward to.

So lets get down to the details.

10KM of new Zwift Roads!

New Zwift Flat Expansion
An estimated 10km of new FLAT roads are being added to Zwift.

This new Watopia Flat expansion looks like it will be adding roughly 10km or 6 miles of flat roads to the barren island just east of the Hilly Route island. Currently the maps display as being over the ocean but Zwift Insider editor Eric Schlange suspects  the island will be expanded similar to the Watopia beach after the running expansion in September 2018.

Watopia gets really, really FLAT

The ZwiftHacks team has found a list of 6 new routes and it tells us quite a lot. It is VERY flat. The new Tempus Fugit route, which will be featured for Tour of Watopia Stage 5, has only 1.5 meters of climbing per kilometer. If I can do math correctly, always a question mark, that means only 15 feet of climbing per mile! SUPER FLAT!

New Routes are EVENT ONLY

Yes, it would appear to be true. As you can see from the column each one of the 6 new routes listed at Zwift Hacks is labeled as an Event Only venue. It’s suspected that we should be able to manually navigate to the new flat expansion roads

New Starting Pens

In the images released by Jonathon Levie at ZwiftHype you can see a small bit sticking off the north side of the new loop, it looks much like the feathers on the back of an arrow. This would be a new starting pen for events. We know one of the routes is named “Whole Lotta Lava” which is a pretty good indication that it involves the Volcano in some way. It also has 525′ of elevation gain to it. Keep an eye out for a quick turn out of these starting pens stright to the Volcano

Based on Western USA Topography

Screenshot of the new topography for Zwift’s upcoming Flat expansion.

The Tour of Watopia in 2019 will feature the new Tempus Fugit route as stage number 5. In the route description we see the following.

We’re bringing a whole new climate to Zwift. A little bit of California here. A little bit of Arizona there. Some Utah. And a dash of Colorado. Shake well and serve. We can’t wait for you to ride it. Remember to stay hydrated and keep the dust out of your eyes.

Now for some speculation!

Journey to the center of the earth

Could this be a potential “Lost World” or “Journey to the Center of the Earth”?

This is my own personal theory, but I am going to go out on a wild limb and guess that one, or both, of the “loops” in the photos are actually UNDERGROUND!

Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but check this out. This image clearly shows a giant rock wall in front of the road and perhaps it is a “Lost World” that we ride through. An underground cave system of sorts that time forgot. Perhaps a Journey to the center of the earth. It’s inner earth people, with a second sun! Ok… that is actually crazy. But a “lost world” would also align with Eric Schlange’s speculation of… DINOSAURS! And as Eric points out Zwift did include the below image in their own teaser video.

Additionally there have been a few references tossed around to Jurassic Park The Lost World. Personal opinion but I think we have a winner.

Why So Much Flat Road?

Our last expansion to Zwift was the New York world which brought with it the exciting New York KOM and the very punchy and rolling terrain of Central Park. Since that time we have seen Zwift set a new peak usage records. If you’ve paid attention then you have probably noticed that the flat routes in game are the most heavily used and can be very crowded during peak hours. Hop on one of the smaller courses like the Watopia Flat, Greater London Flat or New York Park Perimeter Loop on a Saturday morning and you may find yourself elbow to elbow with other riders.

It is assumed that this is Zwift’s way of relieving some of that congestion.

So please… Join me in getting FULLY HYPED!

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  1. mgardiner

    Dinosaurs?!? SIGN ME UP. I’m going to smash this thing on my new TT whip I bought with a few month’s worth of sweat!!


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