New Watopia Fuego Flats Expansion


Fuego Flats


Just released is the new Watopia expansion the Fuego Flats. Join me as we take a quick tour through this new release.


With the expansion we are given 9 miles of new roads. All flat, this is to relieve some of the congestion and overcrowding on the current flat routes in game. This new terrain is ideal for time trials, FTP tests or any steady effort.


The appearance of this new terrain brings with it the look and feel of the American west. Complete with ancient pueblo ruins, rugged desert and old west towns. If you look hard enough you’ll find a steam train running in the background, road signs warning of alien abduction and plenty of fossilized dinosaur bones.


With this new expansion of roads we also receive 5 new routes, all of which incorporate the new Fuego Flat roads. The Tempus Fugit, Tick Tock and Out & Back Again routes are all primarily based on the new road. We also receive the Bigger Loop and the Uber Pretzel which expand on current routes already in game by adding the new roads.


There will be 2 new sprint sections, 1 for each direction. According to Zwift Insider the first sprint is 500meters and runs clockwise. The second sprint is counter-clockwise and apparently a whopping 7km starting in Saddle Springs! That’s a 4.3 mile TT effort.


Additionally added to this new Time Trial focused expansion is the return of the Zipp 808/Super 9 Wheelset to the drop shop for just over 1 million drops.

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