Matt Gardiner

Rider Name: Matt Gardiner

Weight/Height:  70.5kg, 180cm

Specialization: TT / All-Rounder

Favorite Foods: Donuts, Pizza, Ice Cream, PB/Honey


Matt is a CPA by trade and the, self-proclaimed, fastest accountant on Zwift.  He found Zwift after being forced onto the trainer following a crash while riding where he broke his collarbone. In Zwift he found a new competitive outlet and engaged in the community immediately.  In 2018, he finished 3rd place in Zwift’s US Nationals, and went on the race CVR Los Angeles, scoring a race win, and a 2nd place in the Hill Climb to professional triathlete Lionel Sanders.

Matt currently leads and sweeps multiple rides throughout the week and races as often as his legs will allow. While he is an indoor specialist, he also races Time Trials and triathlon during the warmer months.  He lives in Iowa with his wife Kathleen and they spend most of their time watching their favorite shows and enjoying their favorite restaurants/breweries.

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