Live Studio & Broadcast Command Center

Live Studio


It’s done!


The Apple TVs, the TVs, the trainers, the fans, the webcams, the electrical work – it is finally finished.

This Saturday, March 16th, we have 4 riders coming to debut and test everything live for Dadurday at 7am EST.

Broadcast Command Center

Broadcast command center is located behind the trainers.

Currently, I have a tiny desk with just enough room for a monitor, keyboard, and free stickers to whoever comes visit.

DIRT Indoor Specialist Worldwide

While setting all of this up, we discovered an added feature.

We are able to push anyone’s live webcam into our broadcast.

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home, on vacation, or even in the studio.

We created an innovate and dynamic way to showcase riders of all categories anywhere in the world.

This morning we tested out a short broadcast with Matt Brandt, Jason Mutchler, and Matt Gardiner.

The Future

The broadcast was by no means perfect.

But, I hope we were able to convey the message and potential with what we are trying to create.

Whether you are a professional live in the studio,  or a D rider in your basement, this new command center has the ability to showcase everyone equally.

We have created the ability to elevate the community aspect of Zwift.

I hope we can use these tools to foster a more positive, supportive, and interactive community not only with DIRT/IS but with Zwift as a whole.

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