Holden Comeau

Rider Name: Holden Comeau

Weight/Height: 78.5kg (186cm)

Specialization: Sprint

Favorite Foods: I’m truly an unambitious eater. I have few preferences or opinions when it comes to food.

Zwifting Since: Jan 2016


Husband to Carrie. Father to Sam and Elizabeth. Sam is clearly way faster than me. Lizzie clearly way stronger. Carrie - hands down - way better in every other way. We live in the Manayunk community in Philadelphia.


Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of SilverLine Athletics - data analytics company focused on the active enthusiast community.


Professional Triathlete. Retired in 2013 after 6 years of an amazing journey. When I was a rookie, I couldn’t believe how fast everyone else went. When I finished, I couldn’t believe how fast I was able to go - still - after so long as an athlete. It made feel so fortunate, and that became and remains my only motivation in sport.


NCAA All-American Swimmer. I was the team captain and mid-distance freestyler for Penn State University, and helped lead the team to a first ever conference title in 2000. Along with my teammates, I held a world top-10 in the 800 free relay, and competed in the (pre-michael) olympic trials coming around 25th in the 100 and 200. Despite my career as a triathlete, it was sprint and mid-distance swimming that has translated to Zwift racing.


And I could not leave out...long before Zwift was a thing at all, I was rocking the indoor scene! I set TWO Guinness World records for furthest distance on a static bike (spin bike) in 2008. One as part of a 24 hour relay, and the other as a single rider hour record - 40.69 miles on a spin bike with zero resistance! It required an average rpm around 170 for the hour (and it was absolutely miserable). Here’s a pic. That’s me holding the book!

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