DIRT Cup Series

Wednesday Race Information Sept. 25, 2019 - Dec. 11, 2019

Welcome to the DIRT Cup Series! The ultimate team showdown showcasing the Zwift community's greatest teams!

This is a 12 week race series running from Sept. 25 through Dec. 11. Your team’s or individual best 8 results count towards your total!

Races will be scored based on your ZwiftPower Team’s best 3 racer finishes each race.
If you aren’t on a team, don’t worry! We’ll be tracking the series’ individual standings as well!
Bring your team, compete with the best, and see how you stack up!

You must be opted-in for zwiftpower.com to be counted for overall standings!
Series points can be found under "Leagues" on ZwiftPower.com.

Please sign up by category based on your FTP/weight in KG
A: 4.0 W/kg FTP+
B: 3.2 W/kg to 3.99 W/kg FTP
C: 2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg FTP
D: Under 2.49 W/kg FTP


Will there be separate categories?

Yes, A,B,C,D categories following ZwiftPower guidelines. Each will have their own start.

How will scoring work?

Each team can have unlimited riders, but only 3 best scorers for each team will count. Each category will have their own team scoring. Individual scoring will be 160 for 1st and descending.

What is the point structure?

Each rider will be scored in the following order, with your team’s score being your top-3 riders scores added together. Rider scoring as follows: 160 1st, 152 2nd, 144 3rd, 140, 136, 132, 128, 124, 120, 116, 112, 108, 104, 100, 96, 92, 88, 84, 80, 76, 72, 68, 64, 60, 56, 52, 48, 44, 40, 36, 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Every person competing will score a minimum of 1 point.

What if I miss race?

The scoring will be your individual or your team’s best 8 race scores out of 12. Which means you can miss 4 races in the series, or race all 12 and drop your lowest 4 scores!

What if I don't have a team?

Don’t worry! We will have individual scoring as well as team scoring, so you can track your progress through the series as an individual racer.

What times are the races at?

Every Wednesday from Sept. 25th to Dec 11th. Each zone will be a separate series.


- Americas AM - 05:45 EST

- Europe PM - 18:55 CET

- Americas PM - 05:55 PST

Team Spotlights