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DIRT Zwift Team is much more than a ‘team’. It is a brotherhood of diverse dads around the world who all ride indoors to serve similar purposes. We ride to become better fathers, better husbands, but most importantly, better men.

Each week we highlight one DIRT dad in our new weekly series titled “DIRT Dad Weekly Spotlight”

Our first is Jason Mutchler.

“My name is Jason Mutchler and I have been married to my wife Ashten for 7 years. We have two daughters, Emma 5, and Ellie 2.

I am retired from the United States Air Force after serving for 11 years and being wounded in Iraq by and IED/EFP.

On Jan 15 2008 I was hit with an improvised explosive device, lit on fire, and shot in the back with small arms fire. In the end I survived and went to Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio. I was burned to 30% of my body (lots of skin graphs) dislocated my hip and shattered my foot. I also blew my eardrum, sustained a closed brain injury, have a TBI traumatic brain injury, and suffer PTSD.

After spending over a year in the hospital, I started my rehabilitation. In the end, I was retired and am now a stay at home dad while my wife Is active duty in the Air Force as Security Police.

I have been riding since 2012 but my first bike was a Cervelo P2. My injuries from Iraq caught up to me, and I retired from competitive running last year and started solely cycling.

So now that I only cycle race criterium, I train a lot indoors to stay safe and feel safe. PTSD has led me to a seclusion lifestyle and Zwift made it where I could get my workouts in which act as a form of therapeutic release for me, and be safe. I have been on Zwift since June of this year.

The DIRT team makes sense to me. I’m a dad, but I am very competitive and lack a social environment that I can feel comfortable in. DIRT is that for me.”

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  1. delliott

    Just reading this for the first time. Much respect to you and your family, Jason. I’m grateful you survived your injuries. And so glad to be teammates with you!


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