DIRT visits Zwift Super League

My trip to Zwift Super League in NYC

It all started 4 days before the event on Sunday night.

My great friend, Jeffrey Johnson, texted me a picture of Ian Bibby’s Instagram story about KISS Super League.

This week it was going to be live from New York City, only about 45 minutes away from us in New Jersey.

Within 30 minutes of our text exchange, both of us had an invite for the Wednesday event.

The event was scheduled for 12pm to 6pm.

Fast forward to Wednesday and I was in Soho for the event at 9:30am ready to go.

My wife and I picked out my outfit the night before.

It was a brand-new, FedEx overnighted DIRT hoodie and a crisp pear of jeans.

I was absolutely ecstatic for the event to start.

11:58am rolled around and I couldn’t play it cool any longer.

I had to go in.

Immediately when I walked in, I saw my homeboy Jeffrey Johnson and his wife Teresa DiSessa-Johnson, owners of Riptide Cycling, chatting with three time Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong.

Being one of the first people there, the first person I wanted to find was Jacob Fraser, the man who put the whole event together.

Jacob was kind enough to take me behind the scenes and briefly explain how it was all put together.

As more people began to show up, I set out to shake as many hands as I could and introduce myself to anyone and everyone.

Very quickly I realized this was a high profile event full of Zwift investors, sponsors, and other insiders.

Jeff, Teresa, and I were probably the only community riders in the whole event.

Some of the highlights of the people I got to meet, from left to right, the Vegan Cyclist, Eric Min, Holden Comeau, and Kim Little.

The Vegan Cyclist was in shock when I casually mentioned how I had never ridden outside since starting Zwift – 12,000 miles indoors and 0 outdoors in 2018.

As the actual event started up and the race began, Jeffrey, Teresa, Holden, and myself were all glued to Adam Zimmerman.

Adam was the sole community representative and we were all audibly rooting for him.

Performing on such a big stage with his countless dropouts, we all had the utmost respect watching his professionalism.

Throughout the entire event the venue was electric.

All in, this was absolutely the highlight of my year so far.

Experiencing all of it firsthand really gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to finish this studio myself and create a real LIVE community event like this.

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  1. Chris White

    Yes!!! What a cool event. I bet that was pretty incredible. Great work, my friend. Hope to ride in your studio some day soon!

  2. cferguson

    You’ve really done an amazing job taking a professional yet fun approach to what began as a silly idea and has grown into so much more. Keep kicking ass, Jason! Stoked to be along for the ride!

  3. Dustin Elliott

    Thanks for the post, Jason! What an awesome event. I listened to a Cycling Tips podcast this week and I think their tech writer was there, James Huang. On the podcast they were fairly skeptical of Zwift racing as a sport, and I hope the event was able to convince them that it’s a legitimate form of E-sport. Glad you had a great time and awesome to meet Eric, Holden and company. Can’t wait to drive up from PHL to your new studio

  4. bobvictor

    Great post Sterny! I wonder if the league will attract people beyond those who Zwift themselves. I’m captivated by it too and look forward to checking out your studio!


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