DIRT Time Trial Teams


The WRTL Team Time Trial takes place every Thursday’s in multiple time slots (referred to as zones).  New zones are added as the event participation expands.  Times are tabulated throughout the day and placed on the leaderboard.  Therefore, teams from all zones are competing against each other.

The WTRL TTT Event Page provides updated details for the current time trial, available zones, registered teams, etc.

The objective of the Team Time Trial (TTT) is to get your required number of riders across the finish line as quickly as possible.  You work as a team and set your race strategy each week depending on the course and the strength of each person on the team.  The goal is to ride as a group at the fastest possible rate without dropping too many of your team members.  The required number of finishers, and therefore, the teams finishing time, is determined by the number of people on your team.


Team Size (# Riders)

Team’s Finishing Time

3 or 4

3rdfinisher’s time

5 to 8

4thfinisher’s time


Teams compete in four divisions based on the Zwift Power category of your riders.  The divisions are Espresso, Frappe, Latte, or Mocha, and they are determined using the chart below.  For example, if you are on a 7-person Latte team, your team could consist of B, C, or D riders with a maximum of 3 B’s.


Because Zwift doesn’t fully support a team event like this, team registration occurs on the WTRL TTT Facebook page by the team captains.  If unavailable, Tim Busick or Troy Eddy can also register a team.  All team members register for the race (WTRL Team Time Trial) using the Companion App according to the chart above.  Example: If you’re racing Frappe, register for the race as a D. Teams will be organized and put together on the WTRL TTT chat channel in the DIRT Discord.  You need to be part of a team in Discord before registering for the event in the Companion App.

To help with sorting the results in Zwift Power and keeping the teams together, you must change your name tag in Zwift Power (Just for the TTT event).  Changing takes just a few seconds and instructions are shown here. You do not have to change your name in game on the Companion App.  It’s only your Zwift Power name that matters for sorting the results.

Changing your name is critical or you will not be counted in the race results.  Ask your team leader if you have any questions.

During the race…

This is a time trial, but drafting is allowed.  DO NOT use a time trial bike.

Communication during the event is critical.  You should be able to listen to your team leader on Discord at a minimum.  Having a mic to be able to talk is very helpful (and recommended), but not required.

WTRL will assign a start time to your team on their Facebook page.  Example: +2 mins.  When the gate drops, DO NOT start.  Your team leader will start a stopwatch and count down on Discord.  You start when the team leader tells you to go.

You should STOP PEDALING with 20 seconds left before the gate opens and do not pedal forward until your leader tells you to go. From the time that you stop pedaling until team leader tells you to start, you can only pedal backwards to keep sensors active.  If you pedal forward, you’ll leave the gate and your time will start.

During the race, you are only allowed to draft your own team.  DO NOT draft other teams.  If you catch a team, it is their responsibility to slow down and let you pass.  Likewise, if you are caught by another team, you are expected to slow down and let them pass.

Have fun!  This is a team event and it’s a blast working together to get your finisher over the line as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a team time trial like?

This is very much like DADurday.  All out as a group, except smaller. You have to make sure you ride at a pace that keeps people together.  You can drop some depending on size of team, but need to stay a pack for team speed.  The team's time is based on the size of the team and is either the 3rd or 4th finisher of that team.

Will the course / distance vary each week? 

They have four courses that are in a set rotation: Volcano Flat, Greater London Flat, Tick Tock, and Out and Back Again. Then on the 5th week, they throw in a mystery course.

How much time will be needed to participate each week?

You can figure 55-75 minutes depending on which course and strength of your team.

When will the Time Trials occur?

They are running each week from now till November to generate interest, allow teams to get established, and grow the event. Now is the perfect time to try it out, consider it a “practice” session, and have fun with it!

Actual races will begin in November and will be held on Thursdays US time.

Click for more info -> WRTL Team Time Trials

Ready to join the Team Time Trials?  Contact one of the following:

Tim Busick - via Facebook, or Discord (The Disc#6226)

Troy Eddy - via Facebook, or Discord (T. Eddy#6360)

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