DIRT Indoor Specialist Studio

DIRT Indoor Specialist Live Studio

The Master Plan:

  • DIRT Indoor Specialist Live Studio
  • Central New Jersey – 50 mins from NYC, 80 mins from Philadelphia
  • 4 permanent Zwift stations
  • Up to 6 additional Zwift stations for special events
  • Zwift stations include 40in TV, Apple TV, Tacx Neo 2
  • Live broadcasts to include 3 features – live commentary, live racing, and live suffering.

The Backstory:

I work in a small commercial office building during the day.  The tenant next to me has left and I’ve decided to take over his small space.  Currently, the space has a small conference table which I plan to move.

Simultaneously while this was all going on, I was able to secure 4 new Tacx Neo 2s.  Both of these events lead me to put this live studio plan into action. The biggest financial investment, trainers, was done for me. Everyone knows how much Zwift has shaped my life, so this is my chance to give back.

The Buildout:

Each stations needs a TV, TV stand, TV stand tray, Apple TV, fan, trainer mat, and trainer.  According to Amazon, everything should be arriving by Wednesday March 6.

Taking into account set up time and trainer testing, I hope to have a first run of 4 full stations available by March 15.

The Broadcast:

This is the most challenging aspect to this whole process.  In order to capture the 3 elements – suffering, racing, and commentating all in one venue, I need to learn a lot.  My goal is webcams on each rider, a live video feed to an announcer, and the live race always on the screen.  Logistically, the production to this will take the most time.  My project deadline for this is April 1.

The Series:

Every month we do a special live invitational event. The live event consists of 10 riders for serious prizes and giveaways.  To qualify for the live event, we do three weeks of qualifying races. The fourth week culminates in a live invitation event.

Let’s say, after the Morning Grind is complete, we do three races over 3 weeks.  The winners or fastest times of these events gets invited to race live for prizes.  I’m not looking to make this a one-time event.  I’d like something that is repeatable every single month.

However we do decide to utilize the live space is very much up in the air.  These are all initial ideas.  However, I do want to stress my drive and willingness to create something new.  We all have the opportunity to enhance the game and form something tangible in this virtual world.

As always, I am forever grateful to all the DIRT Dads and Indoor Specialists.

If anyone can offer help or assistance with this process, I am always available via email or FB.

Please get in contact me if you have any guidance or would just like to get involved in this.

To anyone local, I will need some riders to help me get started.

Lets keep moving forward and growing DIRT/IS together!

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  1. Henri Guay

    This is AWESOME! If you need any streaming tips whatsoever, you know where to reach me. Glad to help with any questions you might have during setup, events, etc…. NJ isn’t all that far away, either…. If you’re looking for a rider/racer for a kickoff event, I’m down like a clown with a frown! Way to go, Jason.

  2. David Rosenberg

    I have been thinking that a Zwift studio, like a spin studio would be awesome. One of my cycling buddies set up an amazing pain cave, which we called the Tiki Bar, that could accommodate up to 7 or 8 cyclist. At that time we were doing Trainer Road. Each cyclist had a cool custom stand for his iPad. There was a large screen tv. Sometimes TR data would be up there, other times cycling videos or movies. There was a great sound system for blasting music, industrial fans, mats, a shower etc.
    What if you took it to the next level for Zwift? People could pay to join. People in the studio can ride together and DIRTballs all over the world could join in. The studio could have video screens, direct drive trainers, accessories, coaching, maybe a smoothie and craft beer bar – and of course babysitting. This could be a cyclist specific thing that could blow Soul Cycle or Peloton away.

  3. Jason Vian


    This is great! I think something else to consider depending on how you want to move forward, would be some content that is unique to the ‘DIRT Life’. I think the studio idea is great and there is a demand for it. However, to differentiate DIRT, may be some content after races or at other times such as interviews or subjects that are non Zwift related would give you a unique angle. For example, tips to balancing self care with caring for the family, ideas to make quality time with you significant other, or other ideas that the team may come with.

  4. The Badger

    This is incredible and I wish that I was closer to help with the build out. I will come an visit for sure!


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