DIRT Dad Mark Robinson

Each week we highlight one DIRT dad in our new weekly series titled “DIRT Dad Weekly Spotlight”

Our third is Mark Robinson.

“Sub-Saharan Africa is not known for being comfortably cool most of the time. 2019 will see major life changes for our family as we will be relocating abroad.

I’m a father of two (Alexandra 6 and Maverick 3) and I work a job that assumes I’m available whenever it’s inconvenient. My wife is tolerant.

I’m one of those people up a 5 a.m. spinning away in the basement while the kids are still asleep. I’m one of those cyclists that would likely be outside on a Saturday in June but needs to be home with my son because my wife is at a birthday party with my daughter. It just makes sense.

DIRT rides are great and there’s a reason why they have become so popular. The rides provide me with an outlet for challenging myself against similarly focused individuals while building camaraderie. We all have our reasons for why we ride but many of us find ourselves in very similar situations whether it’s family, work, age, or skill level. I’m at an age now where I know that most things require more effort than ever before. Having something that helps drag you out of bed a 6 a.m. on a rainy Sunday morning and getting it done, is something that I welcome. That is DIRT.”

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