DIRT Dad Christian Jensen

Each week we highlight one DIRT dad in our new weekly series titled “DIRT Dad Weekly Spotlight”

Our second is Christian Jensen, new dad to 6-month old Ella.

“My big goal for 2019 is to do a double IRONMAN guiding an athlete, Katie, who has Cerebral Palsy. She has a huge heart and loves to be competitive.

My journey guiding athletes in endurance events started in 2008 when I worked for a health system in Green Bay, WI. I met a woman named Mary who has muscular dystrophy. Recently, I had seen a video about Team Hoyt and instantly felt compelled to give Mary the same opportunities. I asked Mary if she would like to do a local 10K run coming up and of course she said yes with a huge smile. When we crossed that finish line she told us for that hour she felt like her disability went away! This was the spark for us.

In 2015 I left my job to be the full-time executive director of MyTeam Triumph. It’s a non-profit which gives people with disabilities the chance to participate in endurance events. We focus on building inclusive and impactful relationships between people of diverse abilities. We are part of an international organization with about 25 other chapters around the US and Canada.

Last February I did a virtual everesting on Zwift to raise funds for myTEAM TRIUMPH – Wisconsin Chapter. I took on Fox Hill for 16.5 hours to accumulate 29,029 ft! The fundraiser was a success. We raised nearly $10k!!! It took me a while to join group rides on Zwift. I’ve really enjoyed being part of the DIRT community. I’m inspired by the stories of fellow dads doing their very best to take care of themselves so they can be better husbands, fathers and contributors to their communities. The DIRT community is encouraging but graceful. The shared experiences that DIRT dads have make the difference.”

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