DIRT Dad Ed Zook

DIRT Dad Ed Zook


For almost 14 years now, I’ve fulfilled my long time goal of working for the Army Corps of Engineers as a civilian. Prior to that, I was 9+ years active Army.  Because of my background, I recently decided to put the uniform back on and join the National Guard.  Now, several weekends and a few weeks a year are dedicated to serving my state and the nation in the uniform again.


On National Guard Drill weekends, I can’t leave Zwift and DIRT behind. So I take the bike and the trainer with me and Zwift in my motor home.  I got hooked on Zwift and DIRT so I didn’t want to miss any of the rides and probably more so, the motivation and dedication of the group. So I started thinking, maybe I can squeeze the trainer and my bike in the motor home. It works perfectly. I use my phone as a hotspot, and I got the full setup.


One of the cool and rewarding things being in both the Army Corps of Engineers AND the National Guard is when we get to go help. Good example was last year when Hurricane Harvey hit. I was called up for the National Guard right away and was able to be part of our assistance to the State. About a month later, I was able to volunteer with the Corps of Engineers and went to southeast Texas for a month to help with the temporary housing mission for those who lost their homes.


I have a wonderful wife and 5 kids from 2 to 19!  Needless to say, we stay very busy.  After a few years of off road motorcycle racing, I got back on bicycles and started mountain biking in 2014 with my new Father’s Day present.



Fast forward to two new babies one year apart, and riding completely halted. I needed to get moving again. After a short stint running plagued by knee injuries, I pulled out the trainer. Around August of 2018 and started Zwifting.  Now, the key is getting my riding done after bedtime and before everyone wakes up.

And then at the beginning of November I found DIRT!  What a boost!  I remember thinking, this is EXACTLY what I need.  Since November 2018, I’ve met so many great dads doing what I do, sharing our busy lives and helping each other make it work!  The motivation, competitiveness, and friendship is nothing I expected to get from online cycling…  but here it is. THAT is what DIRT is all about!

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