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I polled 5 DIRT members for their favorite piece of gear for Zwift racing and indoor cycling. What do the members of the DIRT Zwift Team use when they race?

Here are the recommended products we covered.

What about you? Leave your favorite piece of gear to use for a Zwift race below.

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  1. cferguson

    These wipes rock for getting bike grease off and smell like coconut:

    Wal Mart / Lysol AntiBacterial Wipes

    For a good body compisition scale without all the smart / bluetooth prviacy tracking stuff – I got a preowned Tanita per Carver’s request and it’s been fantastic and like new at 1/3rd the price:

    I got the BC-533 but it’s out of stock right now for $70 when it was $130 on Amazon/retail.


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