Aaron Coles

Rider name: Aaron Coles

Weight/height: 76kg (183cm)

Specialization: Short hills, sprint, hanging on

Favorite Foods: lots of favourites, le rice?

Zwifting Since:  Attempted a few rides in 2017 but didn’t initially like it. Then discovered racing on Zwift in June 2018, the rest is history...


Lucky husband to Tara and dad to Asher (our 3yo boy) and Neve (our 7 week old little girl), hence my recent dry Zwift racing spell. Trained as a secondary school teacher but now work with 40 odd lawyers helping to develop legislation (might sound boring but I find it super interesting).


Athletically, probably my first serious sport was as an 800m track runner, won and placed in a few state finals and ran at Australian national titles a few times. Represented Australia at some minor international track and field competitions in 800m and 4x400m relay. After trying triathlon for a while, really fell in love with Adventure Racing. Think Eco Challenge if you ever saw that show but primarily its mixed teams of four racing and navigating over 750km-1000km courses over multiple days and disciplines (but generally run/walk, mountain bike, kayaking and some type of ropes course, climbing or abseiling). Generally speaking over the 4-7 days of racing leading teams average maybe 8 hours of sleep. I was lucky enough to race with some brilliant team mates and athletes over my 4-5 years competing. We had multiple top 5 finishes and secured an invite to the World Championships.


Doing adventure racing then allowed me to spend a lot of time on the mountain bike and I eventually fell in love with Single speed mountain bike racing, Mostly 100km to 24hrs races. Finished 2nd overall SS at Australian 24hr Championships in 2014 and 3rd in 29-39 age group against geared riders. Won a number of SS mountain bike titles from 100km to 12hrs. Also completed transportugal mountain bike stage race in 5th and backed up two weeks later to completed the northern alps Cols Cent Challenge. Competed for one season with our local semi-professional road cycling team but mountain biking was wear my heart is and where I met Tara :).

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